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Feedback here please!

Shipping: I ship daily! All items are priced without shipping. You will be charged for shipping, paypal fees and packaging.
I am not responsible for lost or damaged packages. Please buy insurance if you are concerned.
I have never had a problem but you never know! I also ship from the USA. (International packages are AT YOUR OWN RISK! Never had any get lost, but please be aware that it happens.)

I prefer Paypal, but I'll also accept concealed cash (at your OWN risk). I will take money orders but ONLY from the post office or Wal Mart. NO BANKS!

Any questions please ask. I can combine shipping, get more pics, tell you the condition of an item, etc. All sales are final. Items are used unless otherwise stated. Sales permission from Lineaalba.

That privilege has been horribly abused. Unless you ARE gonna buy but are waiting to see if you win an auction I am holding, NO HOLDS! NO EXCEPTIONS! If you cannot pay immediately, then its up for grabs! E-checks are ok but I won't send til they clear.
UPDATE:People have gotten ridiculous with haggling, as well. Asking me to give them 3 of 5 items for free. I'm not making money off this stuff. I don't want to lose anymore either. This is just to buy more stuff or make the sting of buying lots less painful. I DO NOT PROFIT OFF SELLING! No trades at this time, please!

Shipping and fees STARTS at $3.55 domestic and $9 international (flats vary). Please don't inquire if this bothers you! These are the new prices and I hate it just as much a you do.

UPDATED 3/22/2013
Click the images for bigger photos

All the bobbleheads are NIB:
Tailow- $5
Squirtle x2- $6 each

Meowth Lottery prize NIB- $15
Snivy Lottery prize NIB- $13

151 NIP Nidorino badge- $7
151 NIP Nidoran male badge- $8
151 NIP Persian badge- $7

New Squirtle DX water squirter (big!)- $10
Squirtle medium sized water squirter- $1
New/works Japan McDonalds Tepig toy- $6
Mewtwo BK figure- $0.25 each
Empoleon moveable figure- $1
Lapras BK toy-$0.25
Buildable/poseable Magmortar figure- $2

Palkia keychain new- $2
Entei pencil topper?- $1
Mini Magmorter figure- $1
Deoxys squishy figure- $0.50
Tentacool kid-$0.50
Kakuna dice- $1
Nidoran male mega blok new- $2
Psyduck eraser-$1
Snivy MC new- $3
Big Turtwig keychain (moves)- $3
Pikachu rubber bracelet- $4

Minccino pokemon center plush NWT- $15
Standing shinx plush (bootleg)-$5
Eevee hand towel new strawberry- $15

Pokeball new- $2
Oshawott mini tomy figure new- $2
Darmanitan mini tomy figure new- $2

Chimchar pullback racer new x4- $0.10 each
Turtwig racer x4 - $0.10 each
Grotle Moving figure- $0.25
Monferno moving toys new x2- $0.25 each
Piplup moving figure- $0.25
Moving Staraptor figure- $0.25
Regigigigigigas pullback new x3- $0.10 each

Jakks Chikorita mint-$4
Luxio kid mint-$3
Squirtle keychain- $0.50
Gliscor figure (not tomy)- $0.50
Zekrom mini figure- $0.50
Squishy jigglypuff new- $1
Combusken figure-$0.50
Kyurem keychain from new set- $6
Deoxys keychain from new set- $6
Blissey metal swing (swing broken off)-$0.25

Pikachu/Pichu lot- $3

Legendary bird promo SET-$3 for all 3 (Many sets available)

All cards (holo and mint) $1 each (Typhlosion and Aerodactyl)

Other collections

I collect a lot of other things other than just Pokemon. Pokemon wins by a landslide, though. Because of this, there is no room for anything else :( I have no room for pokemon anymore D:
I thought I might as well let everyone know what else I actively love and collect! When I get a moment to get everything in order I will update this list with pictures! :D
I am a big fan of cute animals and morbid animals. These two things make me collect way tooooo much haha.

Cerberus from Resident Evil. *Almost have an entire collection. Missing one item*
Have an official Cerberus that I am missing? Let me know! I may be oblivious to it.
More pics coming!

DVD's- All kinds! Disney, comedy, horror, tv shows, etc.
Lion King- Simba and Scar
Lilo and Stitch- Stitch
Bolt- Bolt and Mittens
Fox and the Hound- Todd
Oliver and Company- Dodger and Oliver
Sonic the Hedgehog- TAILS!
Black cats, foxes, wolves, dragons, tigers, gargoyles and gryphons.

I also collect these, but not as actively.
Comics- Mainly DC
Scooby Doo
Gir *dog suit*
Art books- "Art of..." books
How to Train your Dragon- Toothless
Hamtaro- Hamtaro and Oxnard
Animal skeleton replicas for art and cause they are awesome!

I hope to have pictures up soon. Thanks for reading <3

Wants List (moved)

Wants list is up to date (as of the date specified) on my Syminka account :)


It's funny because it's sad...


Yeah....It's funny because it's sad =3

Fishies go pook pook

If your really my friend, then you'll go here....stop the link...........NOW...shoo!

Beware the oober cuteness and the giddy tune that will raid your brain for days!

and if you wanna see brutality at its finest...

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